When the body hurts, the soul loves Gusar!

National Champions

Multiple national champions in all age categories and disciplines

European and World Champions

European championships:
Bronze medal - coxless four 1937
Bronze medal – coxed four 1934
Champions - eight 1932
Silver medal - eight 1929

World championships:
Silver medal – coxless pair 2003
Bronze medal - coxless pair 2002
Bronze medal - coxed four 2002
Silver medal - eight 2001
Silver medal - coxless four 1998
Champions – coxed pair 1994

Olympic Champions

Silver medal – coxless pair 2004
Bronze medal - eight 2000
Bronze medal - coxed pair 1980
Champions - coxless pair 1952

 When the body hurts, the soul loves Gusar

When the body hurts, the soul loves Gusar

Dear friends and members of Rowing club Gusar,

For the first time in our recent history, we have decided to organize a membership fundraising campaign to provide the necessary training equipment for our club. In this moment it is necessary to purchase one rigid inflatable boat (RIB) up to 4m in length and an 18HP outboard engine, because our motor boats have been in use for almost twenty years now.. You all know how important those coaches' boats are for quality of the training and not to mention how important the safety of our rowers is. We are witnessing a very rapid and large increase in maritime traffic in our waters, so safety has become extremely important and requires full control over every rower.

At the moment, the club has three 3.5 m long rigid inflatable boat and a TOHATSU outboard engines of 30, 18 and 9.8HP. . The oldest boat is 20 years old and we will soon have to face the fact that it would become unusable. Also, the outboard engine has been running for the last 13 years and has a very large number of working hours. By purchasing a new rigid inflatable boat and an outboard engine we would completely solve this problem.

The purchase of a new 3.5 m long rigid inflatable boat and a TOHATSU 18 HP outboard engine costs 40.000 kuna (6.200 $). Therefore we have opened a separate bank account at Splitska banka no: HR8323300031559062622 where we will raise funds until we raise the needed amount.

Each of your payments will be very valuable and will help us to finish this campaign, giving the great satisfaction to all of us.

We are going to inform you regularly about the campaign's progress and how close we are to the finish line.

We hope that our members and friends will show their love for the club and in this way we sincerely greet you and hope to see you at our traditional Christmas party on 16.12.2017. when when the fundraising campaign will end.

You can help us purchase a new rigid inflatable boat and an outboard engine

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