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Donations can be made in two ways:

  1. By PayPal account – Due to the specificity of the PayPal system, the donations you wish to make in this way are paid in dollar equivalent to the Croatia National Bank middle currency rate on the day of payment. You can choose among four donation options:
    Single = 100 or more Kunas (15 $),
    Pair = 250 or more Kunas (38 $),
    Four = 500 or more Kunas (78 $) or
    Eight = 1.000 or more Kunas (155 $) you will receive special gifts as sign of our gratitude or enter any amount which can not be less than $ 1.
  2. In cash, by internet banking or at any Kuna payment point (HRK) according to the data indicated below.

Fundraising (Crowdfunding) campaign ends on 16.12.2017. at our traditional Gusar Christmas party.


TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED (PayPal + bank account):

44.200,00 kn


Crowdfunding campaign ends:




1. PayPal account

Spinutska 69
Klub trenuto raspolaže sa 3 gumenjaka dužine 3,5 m te motorima TOHATSU 30, 18 i 9.8 KS. Najstariji gumenjak ulazi u 20 godina starosti ...
Prikupljeno 22.60%
Prikupljeno 1,401 $
Cilj 6,200 $

2. Payment form / Internet Banking

If you would like to donate in cash, by internet banking or at any place of payment, below are information you need to fill out the form.

Payment instructions:

Recipient: HVK Gusar Split
Address: Špinutska 69, 21000 Split, Hrvatska
IBAN: HR8323300031559062622
SWIFT: SOGEHR22 (if you are paying from abroad)
Model: HR00
Reference Number: Regardless of whether this is a physical or legal person, payers should enter their ID or VAT number
Payment Description: Donation “Nije sin-kopa, nego sin-vesla”


Gift packages for donors




for all donations worth 100 Kunas or more (15 $)




Cap + T-shirt Gusar

for all donations worth 250 Kunas or more (38 $)





Cap + T-shirt Gusar + Polo Shirt Gusar (White or Blue)

for all donations worth 500 Kunas or more (78 $)






Cap + T-shirt Gusar + Polo Shirt Gusar (White or Blue) + Hoodie (Blue)

for all donations worth 1.000 Kunas or more (155 $)